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Express Cash for Cars is your Melbourne source for free car removals service provider. We provide sellers with same day vehicle removals that pay cash for cars. Contact us to schedule your car removal today.

Are you looking for the car removal company that can take care of your unwanted car in Melbourne?

You are on the right page! Express Cash for Cars is a car buyer, car wrecker, vehicle tow service, car recycling company, salvage car yard, and much more.

We have services for all types of old, new, damaged, broken or perfect-condition cars.

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Fastest Car Removals with Instant Cash For Your Car in Melbourne Today

The car may have been sitting on your property for years, and it has deteriorated to scrap, and you are sure that if it sits for any longer, an eviction notice is on its way. Perhaps, you’d love to dispose of the vehicle, but you do not have the time or the funds required for the towing fees. Possibly, a vehicle that you no longer have a use for, and want a quick way to get rid of.

Whatever the condition of your car or truck, Express Cash for Cars provides Melbourne car owners with free vehicle removals. We are your local removal company that provides fast vehicle removals in Melbourne.

Our range of vehicles that are accepted includes cars, vans, trucks, buses, SUVs, 4WDs, utes and more. 

We provide:

Melbourne Car Removal

Convenient Car Removals Melbourne – You Choose the Time

We understand that your time is precious, which is why we don’t require you to take the time from your schedule to have your vehicle removed. Instead, with Express Cash for Cars, you have the luxury of:

  • A convenient car pickup Melbourne when you have the time to spare in your busy day.
  • A convenient car collection that is provided by courteous professionals that are auto specialists.
  • A convenient car pickup that is cost-free.
  • A convenient removal anywhere in Melbourne at any time of the day.

How Our Car Collections Work

Express Cash for Cars provides Melbourne car & truck owners with free vehicle pickups. Vehicle pickups that do not cost a cent; and, ones that are fast and convenient. Although our car pickups are free to all Melbourne car owners, we do require a few things from the owners before we can schedule a free vehicle removal Melbourne.

It is Our Job to Pay You Cash for Your Old Car

Express Cash for Cars will pay you cash instantly for your vehicle. We buy cars and then recycle them. Our processes also include having your car wrecked, recycled, or sold as it. We are car buyers that use your car as raw material for our services.


We start by giving you a free quote for your car. This valuation is done according to the kind of vehicle you have, the make and model. We also ask you about the condition of your car, to know optimally it can be used. This is what gives us the exact value of your car, and your quote to you!

Once you have accepted this quote, you can tell us when you want to get the car towed away. It can either be done within the next 24 hours, or whenever is convenient for you. We schedule your pickup according to your routine because we know it can be tough for you to take time out only to sell your car. This is what Express Cash for Cars is here for!


We will take your car away, and all you need is to take an hour off to get over with the paperwork and the pickup. Our driver will call you half an hour before to find out whether you are available for the pickup or not. Once you confirm, the process will be done before you know it. And your car will have been removed efficiently!


Customer Care Staff at Express Cash for Cars

Our staff has been trained by the industry’s professionals. This has made them efficient and extremely effective in their work. They will offer you top cash quotes up to $8999 to get rid of your vehicle. They are well connected with their fleet of drivers, who is also punctual and timely. This is how we have become the fastest car removal service in Melbourne, for all types of vehicles.

Contact Us for A Cash for Cars Quote

Firstly, car owners must contact Express Cash for Cars and obtain a cash quote for their vehicles. While our removals are provided at no cost to car owners, we do not remove vehicles unless we legally purchase the vehicles. Car owners can rely on Express Cash for Cars for a reasonable price for their vehicles of any make and condition.

Schedule A Free Car Removal

For car owners that accept our cash quotes, we then schedule a free car pickup Melbourne. Our collections are quick, being provided at a time of our customers’ choosing, and also include the cash payment as well as the paperwork to purchase the vehicle.

We Buy All Types of Vehicles

Express Cash for cars will buy & remove private party vehicles, commercial vehicles and company fleets. Apart from cars, we also buy vans, trucks, caravans, 4WDs, SUVs, Buses, Utes and more.
Our motto is to remove your car today and put cash into your hand for its removal.

  • Anywhere in Melbourne, your vehicle is picked up at no cost.
  • Anytime in Melbourne, we’ll be there to remove your vehicle.

Get a free car collection today. Contact Express Cash for Cars for an instant cash quote for your vehicle that can be put into your hand today.

Have Your Car Valuated with Express Cash for Cars Melbourne

Express does not require car owners take the time from their busy days to have their vehicles appraised. We provide cash quotes over the phone and online. Contact us at the number below or complete our online quote form at the top right of this page. With Express Cash for Cars, your vehicle is sold and removed for cash today.

Call us for a top dollar offer for your unwanted vehicle to schedule a free car collection Melbourne at 0488 388 843.