Express Cash for Cars is the number ONE car removal company in Melbourne. Our staff is trained to provide exceptional service across Melbourne regions.

We provide a wide range of services including the ones mentioned below:


  1. Cash for Old Cars – We provide the best service to those who want to sell their old cars in Melbourne. Doesn’t matter if your car is old, tattered or not in a condition to be sold to anyone else. Call us at Express Cash for Cars and get the price that your car deserves. We specialize in purchasing all type of old vehicles any make or model & condition.
  2. Cash for Scrap Cars – We don’t just give you instant cash for old cars, we also buy scrap cars for top cash in Melbourne! You can get INSTANT cash for your car, which probably doesn’t work. But not to worry! We buy your car and use it for scrap metal, and we guarantee to give you the best price in Melbourne. Find out more about our scrap car buying service here (link to scrap car page)
  3. Car Disposal Services – Sitting at home might be fun and relaxing for you. But what about your car? Why not free up some space getting rid of your scrap car from your backyard or street, Cars are meant to be out in the sun! But if your car can’t get out in the sun, and is taking up unnecessary space in your garage, then it’s probably time for you to get rid of it! We are the best car disposal service in Melbourne and we will pick your car up for free! No hassles, no stress, only Express! Express Cash for Cars is at your service for car disposal in Melbourne!
  4. Free Car Collection – We collect cars for FREE! Yes, you heard that right! Sometimes, we know how troublesome it can be to pay for towing services even when all you want, is to quickly get rid of the car. Express Cash for Cars knows how this works, and we have the perfect solution for you! We can pick that car up for free, all you have to do is look for our number and give us a quick call.
  5. Cash for Second Hand Cars – Thinking of buying a new car and selling off the old one? Not getting the desired value for your old car? Forget everything and call us NOW! We guarantee the best price to sell your second-hand car in Melbourne. We buy second hand used vehicles all year models.
  6. Unregistered Vehicles – Do you have a vehicle with an expired rego that you want to sell? We got it! We can buy unregistered vehicles or vehicles with expired registration from you and pay you off in an instant!


Do you still have queries on the whether you should be calling us? Well, don’t! Feel free to talk to our friendly and totally funny crew members who will help you figure things out a little better over a phone call.
Our services are becoming widely popular in Melbourne only within a few days of the inauguration of our services. We believe in quality service to our customers before everything else. This is the reason that we are able to deliver on the same day! Yes! We provide a truly “express” service to all our customers as we have a large network of the crew working at Express Cash for Cars as employees all over Melbourne.

No hassle, no stress, only Express