Car Care Services in Melbourne That You Should Try Today

Posted on Thu, May 2019

Melbourne can be defined as one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. But it is also cold, and damp and freezing most of the times. This is the reason most people in Melbourne prefer having a car at home than freezing themselves in public transport or while waiting for their trains to arrive.

Despite the large variety of cars that Melbourne owns, the population doesn’t try enough of the services that are available for these vehicles.

We did a little research and found out exciting service that car owners in Melbourne could make use of! Let’s have a look at a few of these services that are useful for everyone specializing for anyone looking to sell car for cash.

Car Painting | K1 Motors Melbourne

As much as ‘car painting’ sounds cool, it is a tough job. One thing goes wrong and your beautiful car does not remain beautiful. You need to find someone who gives you express service for your car!

They have a cool low bake oven which allows them to dry your car paint faster, and get it back to you faster! Also, they have been doing this for 20 years now, so they definitely have some experience. You can also get custom paint for your car which could be anything because you get to decide.

Car Rentals | Kayak

Renting a car adds on to the convenience of drivers. But you already own a car, so why are we asking you to try out renting a car? It’s simple, variation adds spice to life! You might have to go out with a group of six people, and you might have a car for two because that’s what you need in daily life. Car Rentals are a great option that lets you be the master of your own plan.

The reason we are talking about this website is because they have a comparison between various websites that are available for car rentals. So you’re sure to find something that is worth your money, with reviews of people who have reviewed these services.

You get options between various cars, with a tag of the price it is available for per day. They also have a few offers if you want to hire long-term. Rental cars are also a fad amongst teenagers who don’t own a car yet want better transit options. Some international students who are living in Melbourne might also want to use these services as they live in Melbourne for a shorter period.

One-Stop Automobile Shop | Car Megamart

How fun is going to Woolies or Coles? A lot! Why? Because we’re so busy doing everything else in the city that e don’t have time to go to different stores and get different things. We shop at these giant superstores and marts for convenience. Why don’t we look for the same convenience when it comes to cars?

Car Parking Applications | EasyPark

This might not be news to you, but it is one of the best ways to find parking! Melbourne’s spaces aren’t that easy to find, especially in the Central Business District area, or more popularly known as the CBD area.

With the increase in the number of cars in Melbourne, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find parking in EasyPark and other apps that provide such services have sections such as parking planners that will tell you exactly where you can park. It’s a mobile application and is available on both, the Apple store and the Play Store on Android Phones.

If you’re unsure which one you use, just check on your phone, with Google or any other search engine.

Electric Vehicle owners listen up! These guys have also made it easy for you to park and charge your vehicle in one tap. You can manage it all, without having to move at all.

Car Removal Services | Express Cash for Cars

This car removal company will pay you to cash up to $8999 for your old car and pick it up from any suburb in Melbourne within 24 hours. The specialty of this service is that they are available on all seven days of the week for services to you.

They provide free quotes for your car valuation and free of cost pickup of your vehicle from your location.  Even if you live on another end of Melbourne, your services are free! There are zero additional charges and no tax levies.

All you need to do is get in touch with their super-friendly customer care team and you will be able to get rid of your unwanted vehicle immediately.

Their customer care services are so popular that they have also been branded as the ones keeping the city clean of trash cars. They guide each and every customer through the entire process personally and encourage co-creation with the customers.