How to Sell an Old Car in Melbourne: A Guide?

Posted on Thu, Feb 2019

I have reluctantly come to the realization that I Google everything. Not just me, this is almost everyone on planet Earth today. Sometimes, we Google search for things that we’ve known for a long time, just to be sure. So, when it comes to selling your car, why shouldn’t you?

Now, let’s help you with the ways you can sell your old car in the Melbourne region.


Selling a car depends on a variety of things, inclusive of what your priorities are, what kind of car you’re trying to sell and what do you want to get out of selling this car.

Here’s how:


  1. Your priorities matter when you’re trying to sell a car. Why? You might want to sell a car because you want to buy a new one, or because you need cash. Sometimes, people try to sell their cars because they want to free up their garage space.
  2. The kind of car you’re trying to sell can have an impact on who wants to buy it. If you have a brand-new car, you might have a huge set of potential buyers. On the other hand, having an old car that doesn’t function anymore, trying to sell it could be a pain.
  3. The benefit you want out of selling your car is, in my opinion, the most important. You must know whether you need immediate cash, or space available immediately in your garage, or trade in for a better ride.


Now, let us look at the different ways that can be used by you to sell your old, unwanted car.


  • Private selling of an old car – If you are looking to sell your car to a family friend, a family member, or a friend, you might need to consider the after effects. This car is going to be running in your circle for another couple of years, quite literally. If your car falters, you might be forced to be a part of an awkward situation with them.
    It is the fastest way to get rid of your car, but most sellers claim to never get rid of the responsibility of the car.
  • Selling your car to a Car Dealership – Another fast way to deal with selling your car. Car dealerships offer you a certain price that is lower than the market value of your car, but you will be free from the hassle of dealing with multiple buyers. As they will professionally inspect your car, you might need to get it fixed as well. Not fixing your car might cause you a loss of a certain amount while sealing your deal.
  • Sell your car to a Scrap Car Dealer – A scrap car dealer will scrap your car. This means it will be recycled and used for the metal it has. It is best to sell your car to a scrap car dealer in Melbourne when your car is reaching a stage where it might not be considered fit to be on road. This could be an optimal way of getting rid of an unwanted, damaged car.


  • Car Wreckers that buy old cars – They will buy your car and use the rest of your car for the parts. They sell the functional parts of your cars to other dealers or direct customers. Selling your car to them is again, only if your car is mostly damaged, but a few parts of it are still functional.
  • Selling your Vehicle to Professional Car Buyers – If you want to sell your vehicle and get cash instantly, you need to get in touch with a professional car buyer in Melbourne. Car Buyers such as Express Cash for Cars will buy your car and pay you cash instantly. Other benefits such as free pickup of the vehicle and free cash quote are also available.


Express Cash for Cars is a company that is a combination of the last three type of sellers. They will pick your car up and give you cash in hand, on the spot. If one of the reasons for selling your vehicle is the instant or urgent need for cash, you can consider this option. Being a professional car buyer along with a car scrapping service, they accept all types of cars, vehicles, trucks, vans, utes, etc. The vehicle can be in any condition and could be of any make or model, yet be accepted by the removal company for pickup, with a good cash quote.

You can get in touch with Express Cash for Cars on 0488 388 843 or through the website.