Do You Own an Old Car in Melbourne? We Have a Few Tips for You!

Posted on Fri, Apr 2019

Owning a car in Melbourne is not a big deal, with second-hand cars being as cheap as $2000, and the city is full of adults who earn enough to be able to save. So the answer to the question in the title is going to be a ‘yes’ mostly.

Having an old car in Melbourne means to be able to invest enough time to keep it maintained. With the rent hitting the roof in the CBD area, students are now living in suburbs and travelling to their universities and to work.

A lot of working men and women already have their preferences set to living in the suburbs as a calmer neighborhood is essential for their kids, and sometimes, even parents. In order to save time and hassle, most residents living in Melbourne’s suburbs usually prefer driving to their place of work rather than taking public transport.

It’s obvious that a car that’s driven for more than 10 miles a day will need more intensive repair than one that just travels about 3-4 miles. Considering that the suburbs in which most residents live are far from the city and a lot of services, we came up with a list of services that can be used for a better experience as a car owner.


  1. Mobile Mechanics

    We know you do not have the time to go to the mechanics every single time when your old car is dealing with issues of its own. These mobile mechanic services are just for people like you! You don’t need to go to them, they will come to you. In any case, you should keep handy the contact information of at least one mobile mechanic in your area, just in case of a mishap. If you cannot get your vehicle to the mechanic, you can get the mechanic to you!

  2. Electric Vehicles

    Well, this is a part of the list because let’s be honest, climate change is a real thing and it is we who must make sure we make some changes to the way we’re living. Switching to an electric vehicle will not just help you reduce your carbon footprint; it will also ensure you pay zero amount for your fuel. Electric vehicles are now as cheap as regular vehicles with leading companies switching to the manufacturing of better EVs. Hyundai recently came up with the ioniq which is Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle as of now, and we have seen cars in the market by larger brands like BMW as well.

  3. Unwanted Car Removal Services

You also need to keep in handy the contact information for a reliable car removal company in Melbourne. There are a few of these companies that will tow your vehicle away for free. The reason for using this service is in case you have a junk car or a scrap car in your house that you want to get rid of. Usually, car removals charge a lot of fees for pickups from far-off locations, as they do not have enough resources. Express Cash for Cars is a car removal company in Melbourne that is popular for its widespread reach throughout the city and its suburbs. They pay cash for cars, and more importantly, provide removal services in Melbourne for free. You can also sell your second-hand car or your used car to them and get paid instantly.

Owning a car is not a big deal, for sure, not in Melbourne. But taking care of your vehicle is becoming increasingly important. Your vehicle is an investment and an asset that might turn into a liability if not taken care of. Good luck!

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