Get Rid of Your Old Car in Melbourne in 24 Hours

Posted on Tue, Mar 2019

Are you tired of looking at an old car in the garage all the time? Are you willing to put in a lot of effort into getting your car cleaned, repaired, fixed and sold?
We know you answered with a frantic ‘yes’ on the first question and an equally frantic ‘no’ on the second one. We know the struggle of going from an old car to a new car and everything in between. And this is exactly why we are here to help you!

We know how to get rid of an old, damaged car in Melbourne within 24 hours! Hear out the rest of the deal:

Here is how to sell your car for cash in 24 hours

  1. You get to put in ZERO hard work

Yep. All you need to do is call us and we will take care of the rest. Just a few questions about your vehicle and your location to get to know how to locate you will be asked by one of our customer care executives. You will be given a free cash quote after the valuation of your car on the phone. It is completely your choice to accept or reject this offer. In the event that you accept this offer, we will schedule an appointment with you according to your time and meet you at your location!

  1. You have to pay NO MONEY

All our services are offered free of cost to our customers irrespective of the condition of the vehicle. We buy all types of vehicles, like cars, vans, utes, trucks, SUVs, 4WDs etc. We will give you a free car removal service to get your car picked up for free and towed away for free. Along with that, we also give you a free valuation for your car, so you won’t have to struggle to know the value your vehicle holds in the market as of now.

  1. You will have to go NOWHERE

The best part about this deal and the car removal service is that you don’t need to move a bone to get it done. From the comfort of your home, the comfort of your couch, you can get the work done within a few hours. You don’t have to get your car inspected or fixed or even cleaned before handing it over to us. We buy your car for scrap metal recycling and the condition of the car doesn’t matter to us. We also buy second-hand cars in Melbourne to use it for wrecking and used auto parts.  Just give us a call to know when we can pick your vehicle up! Call us on 0488 388 843 NOW!


  1. You will have to stress about NO WORK

There is absolutely nothing that you or your car needs to be prepared for. We will do all of the work for you. From taking the car away to the instant cash payment, everything will be smoothly executed by our driver who will be there to pick your car up.

The most dreaded of all, the paperwork will also be taken care of by our crew and driver who will be there to assist you. We know how important the regulatory part of selling a car in Melbourne can be. This is the reason we do it for free!


  1. You will have to wait for NOTHING

You don’t need to wait for your payment with Express Cash For Cars. We pay you cash on the spot and instantly. We pay top dollar to all our customers up to $9999 for all types of vehicles in Melbourne. We will take your vehicle when its scrap, junk, just used or even damaged. Just give us a call to know when we can pick it up! Call us on 0488 388 843 for a service NOW!


Get in touch with Express Cash For Cars as soon as you can and get yourself the space you’ve always wanted for some gardening or even a basketball court! Call on 0488 388 843 to get a free car removal service today!