I Tried to Sell My Car and Here is What Worked

Posted on Mon, Jun 2019

It isn’t an easy process, but only if you want to make it complicated. Honestly, selling a car is very easy if you try to sell it in an ethical manner. We know that you need to get paid for your old car because it was n investment. But there are ways where you can still use your vehicle and get paid for it, without releasing the unnecessary amount of carbon emissions.


While trying to sell my car, instead of trying the conventional methods, I tried on a bit of research. I found a few regular methods on the internet, and zero valuable inputs were given by my friends and family. Most of my family tried to talk me into dumping the car in the landfill.


Why is Dumping Your Old Vehicle a Bad Idea?

Let us forget about the environmental concerns we have. Let us not think about the damage done to the environment because of our actions and their reactions. For once, let us think about the amount of money we are not earning because of this disaster of a move we are all choosing to make.

There is immense financial value to what you own, everything. Even the trash that you have right now in your garbage bin has some value to it, which if you sell could give you some monetary gain. Of course, the amount is too small and that activity could be considered inconvenient for you. Yet, there are options that are available for you if want to get rid of your vehicle and earn some hard cash on the way.


There are a few good options that offer a high value through convenience, and a high cash quote. Some of them may or may not be cut out for you, but be assured to find at least one eco-friendly and high cash paying way to get rid of your old vehicle in Melbourne


Here is a list of the options you can choose from:

  • Sell Your Vehicle to a Car Wrecker in Melbourne

Car Wreckers are nothing, but people who look at your vehicle as 100 times the opportunity to earn, not a car. They are auto-dismantling experts and will pull your car apart. Your vehicle can now be used in parts by various people who wish to buy from the used-car parts market in Melbourne. These used car parts are usually sold off with ease due to the high price of original parts.

  • Contact a Scrap Car Removal Company for a Free Car Removal

You can get your car towed away for free. The best part is that companies like Express Cash for Cars will not just tow your car for free, but also pay you instant cash for the same. Available throughout the week and the weekends, this car buyer is available for service in each suburb in Melbourne!

  • Sell Your Car to a Friend/Family

If you have a friend who wants to drive your vehicle, just sell it to them in a private sale. Make sure to do it legally as any of the legal repercussions of the vehicle can affect you later. But be aware of the constant bickering and questioning for your vehicle by the friend/relative. This usually happens when your car is not in perfect condition (which its most not, because if it was, why would you want to sell it?) The buyer ends up taking advantage of the fact that they know the seller and then starts the rant every time you meet.

  • Give your Car Away to Charity

This could be a great option if your vehicle is in great condition. Giving away scrap or junk vehicle would be a bad move and an unemphatic one. all, try to get the car fixed before you give it away for philanthropy. It is also recommended that you do some research on charities that accept such gifts and gestures!


This is what I did, kept the environment safe, and myself spiritually satisfied!

There is another option to sell your scrap vehicle to a scrap car buyer in Melbourne, and then give the proceeds to charity. This is also a very convenient option since your vehicle will be picked up by the organisation. In case you want the amount to be transferred to the charity name, just add their transaction details.


These are a few simple ways to get rid of your vehicle without having to create an environmental hazard.


You can get in touch with Express Cash for Cars today by calling them on 0488 388 843