How to Sell My Car for Cash within A Day in Melbourne

Posted on Wed, Oct 2018

The traditional way to sell a car was a time consuming, long drawn out process. In yesteryear, car sellers would need to have their vehicles in top performance and its curb appeal sparkling, and even then, selling the vehicle could take weeks to months. Today, car sellers can get their vehicles sold in a day. Express Cash for Cars offers the following information on how to sell your car in Melbourne within a day.

How to Sell Your Car in A Day in Melbourne

Selling your car in a day is doable when you contact a cash for cars company. Express Cash for Cars buys cars of every make and condition. If your vehicle needs a few repairs and you haven’t gotten around to making them, there is no need to. Keep the cash in your pocket and increase the profits of your sale for your car. We buy cars that need repairs, cars in old and scrap condition, and good working used cars, making fair cash offers.

How to Get A Quick Cash Sale for Your Car in Melbourne

It won’t take the entire day to get your vehicle sold to us. It will take less than an hour. We are the cash buyer with a selling system that is simple.

  1. Contact us over the phone or online with a cash quote for your vehicle.
  2. Take us up on our offer or reject it. If you would like to shop around feel free to do so.
  3. Schedule a free car removal in Melbourne at a time that is convenient for you. All removals are provided at no cost.

What do we need form you to get your car sold? We require proof of ownership for the vehicle and a current photo ID. Also, we ask that car owners remove the plates for their vehicle as they will need to transfer them to their new vehicle or turn them in, and the car parked in an area where we can easily access the car.

Get a quote today by calling us at the number below or visiting our homepage to complete our online quote form. We are your cash car buyer that will put the green into your hand today for any make and condition of a vehicle.
Call Express Cash for Cars for a quote for your unwanted car that you’d like sold today. Call us at 0488 388 843.